Our "done for you" approach is to build an eCom store for you, among various other strategies, helping you avoid as many headaches as possible.




Q1: What is eCommerce?

eCommerce (i.e. eCom) is defined as the buying and selling of physical or digital products, via the Internet. Running your own store is an exciting business model to consider. Each store has the potential to be highly flexible, scalable, and sustainable if you know how to setup everything properly.

Q2: Why buy a PRE-BUILT store?

Venturing into eCom without any guidance can be complex. You can save time and energy by letting an expert setup a solid foundation for your store, then receiving full ownership. We strive to continue helping you grow further - through mentorship, step by step course, and more included as a package.

Q3: Any age requirements?

You must be of acceptable age (i.e. 18+) to legally take over an eCom store on the hosting platforms we use. Our only exception is if you partner up with someone who’s 18+ and they become the primary registered owner. If you’re unsure, contact us for a fast reply.

Q4: Any country restrictions?

Your country of residence doesn't usually matter, as all you need is Internet access via a mobile device (e.g. laptop, phone, tablet, etc.). This is the beauty of running an eCom store - you aren’t really limited by geographical boundaries. We’ve helped clients from almost every country in the world.

Q5: Any experience needed?

Previous experience can certainly help but most of our clients are complete beginners. However, we believe that it’s more important to just get started and learn as you grow your eCom store. Nobody starts their journey knowing everything and we’ll be teaching you these valuable skills as much as possible.


Q6: Types of products sold?

To the best of our ability, we’ll choose winning products for your eCom store, based on what you’re passionate about. After you join, you’ll be given an opportunity to provide us with input. We respect your input and our aim is to proceed to make an informed decision for you.

Q7: Are suppliers included?

The supply chain is a key component of an eCom store and it’s important to ensure that customers remain satisfied. We try our best to set you up with efficient, inexpensive, and reputable suppliers. It can be frustrating to find suppliers that meet your standards so we want to help.

Q8: Storage space to hold inventory?

In most eCom stores, you won't need to hold inventory. The customer pays you first via your store, then you order the product from the supplier at a lower price, and finally the supplier ships the product directly to their address. We do recommend ordering samples to check product quality.

Q9: What about marketing?

Marketing is important for a successful eCom store. Our plan is to guide you in regards to marketing effectively on various important platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Google, and more. Branding goes hand in hand with marketing - so we’ll make sure your store has custom logo designs, royalty-free images, and more.

Q10: Website design?

Our goal is to deliver a clean, responsive, and strong website design - important for converting visitors into customers. Among many other features, your eCom store will also: come with a premium theme, have necessary pages setup, and receive free updates as much as possible. See our sample store at OPUINTERIORS.


Q11: Daily time commitment?

At the beginning, we strongly recommend dedicating at least 30 mins daily towards your eCom store. We aim to teach you simple daily routines - so that you can continue managing, monetizing, and scaling the store. After becoming more automated and efficient as time goes on, your time commitment usually decreases.

Q12: Monthly maintenance fees?

All our eCom packages are one time fees (i.e. no mandatory referral programs or upselling). However, prepare at least $50 monthly for maintenance fees to cover: domain registration, hosting, etc. You can choose to spend more if you want to scale faster: alternative marketing strategies, outsourcing various tasks, etc.

Q13: Will the store make money?

Earnings and income representations made by us in regards to eCom stores, are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. The success portrayed by examples are non-typical results and aren’t a guarantee that you will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary based on many different factors.

Q14: Why build stores?

We’re passionate about inspiring and providing value to entrepreneurs globally; this is a win-win situation. Our client receives an optimized eCom store which has hopefully saved them a great deal of time. We have the privilege of meeting lots of different people and have fun doing what we love.

Q15: What else is included?

You’ll get 12 months of mentorship; ask us as many questions as you want about eCom. Also included is our 100,000+ words course. Additionally: branding integration, desktop/mobile fluency, exit planning, experimental strategies, free updates, logistics setup, management mastery, marketing guidance, premium theme, suppliers directory, Telegram access, and winning products.


Q16: How long for store delivery?

We want to place a heavy emphasis on quality, over quantity. The typical timeframe to receive your store (i.e. after payment and niche selection) - is currently around 2 weeks. While you wait, you can go over our extensive 100,000+ words course to grasp a more comprehensive understanding of eCom.

Q17: How does ownership transfer work?

We’re building your eCom store with one of several store hosting platforms that we trust. Kindly wait for the first email with delivery instructions from us. This will let you login to your store and full ownership will be transferred to you via a second email, after you’re settled in.

Q18: Any additional setup needed?

There are some administrative aspects of the store that will need your input, which we aren't authorized to access. We’ll help as much as possible - connecting social media platforms, filling contact information, setting up payment processors, etc. We do our best to ensure that your eCom store is regulatory compliant.

Q19: Will the store be customizable?

Since you fully own the eCom store - you have the freedom to change anything you want and don’t have to abide by our recommendations. Think of the store we've built for you, as a blank canvas. You decide how to truly make an unique masterpiece, to continue growing long term.

Q20: Any profit splitting?

You’re fully entitled to all the profits from the eCom store. Full disclosure - we get a small monthly affiliate commission from the hosting platform, for the hosting fees you pay (i.e. monthly maintenance fees). We only ever recommend products and services that we believe can provide value to you.


Q21: How does the mentorship work?

You’ll have direct access to a line of private communication with Stefan; we believe that this is a powerful learning tool for eCom. Here is your opportunity to ask us as many questions as you want, for 12 productive months. We’ll help you out and respond as much as possible.

Q22: Are updates provided for free?

When we deem necessary, we’ll go into your store to update features - free of charge. We received lots of valid feedback when we first launched and we greatly increased client satisfaction by implementing free updates. We’ll continue doing this, as our vision is to provide as much value as possible.

Q23: Possible to outsource tasks?

With eCom stores being highly scalable (e.g. global customer base), it’s a realistic possibility that your store may become this big. You can save time by outsourcing various tasks like customer support. We can teach you how to hire contractors, employees, virtual assistants, etc. to make your life easier.

Q24: Exit planning for the store?

Exit planning is a fundamental component of our package. You can ask for our assistance, in regards to increasing the value of the eCom store to maximize resale price as much as possible. We’ll happily connect you to brokerage marketplaces, evaluators, etc. to oversee the process for a potential exit.

Q25: More questions before starting?

Ensure you’ve done your due diligence to see if we’re indeed the top provider for your eCom needs. We firmly believe that we’re the best one stop solution, but we also want to be as ethical as possible. If there’s anything you want to ask before starting, simply CONTACT US.


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