Q1: How does this trader benefit me?

Crypto markets are complex, stressful, and volatile. We built a fully automated crypto trader that's programmed to run 24/7, even when you're asleep. The trader focuses on price fluctuations and can profit regardless of whether crypto markets are trending up or down. We've been so excited about this.

Q2: How exactly does the trader work?

The trader reads the charts for you and thrives in the constantly fluctuating crypto market. When the price moves, the smart algorithm automatically places a buy/sell order, when there's an opportunity to make a profit. Thousands of trades can take place in a single day, making this a truly passive strategy.

Q3: How safe will my funds be?

We have zero access to your funds. They are kept at the crypto exchange of your choice and connected by fully encrypted API keys. The API connection only allows the trader to trade for you and doesn't reveal personal info. Almost any crypto exchange is supported.

Q4: How will the application process work?

Each incoming client needs to undergo a simple application process, where we just ask a few questions, to ensure the trader will work for them. Apply by messaging us on Instagram. Start the message wth the words "MORE INFO!" for fast replies.

Q5: Is a practice account included?

Absolutely. For existing clients only. Clients can try the trader using practice funds before they start deploying larger amounts. Helps them gain confidence.


Q6: Is it possible to implement my own strategies?

Yes. The interface allows you to easily switch between our PREBUILT strategies and your own custom strategies. The choice is yours.

Q7: What are the risks of using this trader?

There are risks with crypto markets. If there is a sudden steep "end of the world" crash in the crypto markets, then the underlying crypto asset that you're trading can decrease in value. However, the trader is designed to attempt profiting, even if prices go down. It trades both directions - up or down.

Q8: What types of crypto are traded?

You can choose which crypto you want the trader to trade. We cover almost every crypto because anywhere there's fluctuating prices, there's potential profit. Clients usually choose to trade a specific crypto that they wish to accumulate more of and the trader will try its best to trade accordingly.

Q9: What happens after payment?

After payment, you'll receive multiple emails from us. The first email will be a detailed payment receipt and confirmation. The second email will have easy step by step instructions to follow. The third email will connect you to our dedicated support team, to guide you every bit of the way.

Q10: What is a basic definition of crypto?

Crypto is a revolutionary method of payment, in which transactions are verified by a decentralized system using cryptography (blockchain) rather than by a centralized authority. The world of crypto is gaining momentum everyday and the potential to make profit is insane.


Q11: What is my daily time commitment?

None. This is fully automated and we'll be doing most of the ongoing maintenance for you. Sometimes we'll ask you to perform an easy task.

Q12: What is the one time fee for the all-inclusive trader package?

We charge 2 ETH or 0.15 BTC for full trader access and all-inclusive features like exchange setup, free updates, mentorship, etc. You're getting the best possible conversion rate by paying with crypto but credit cards are accepted too. Message us on Instagram to apply fast.

Q13: What is your benefit to selling this trader?

The crypto markets are online 24/7 and very liquid. This means that across the hundreds of different crypto that you can trade, many different traders can co-exist with each another in peace. We charge a fair price, in exchange for the massive amount of effort into making this trader possible.

Q14: What is your refund policy?

Thank you for asking. We want to be fully transparent about our process and reasoning. All sales are final. The trader and all its mechanics are fully revealed to you after payment. Clients sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the infrastructure we've worked so hard to build. Simple.

Q15: What is your typical delivery timeframe?

Our current delivery timeframe is 1-2 weeks for everything to be setup and your crypto exchanges connected. You may request for faster delivery by messaging us and we'll try out best to accommodate you. While you wait, you can engage with our private crypto Telegram channel and start learning.


Q16: What kind of trading experience is needed?

Zero. This trader is a fully automated approach and will do the trading for you. We'll also be directly teaching you all the various aspects of the crypto market.

Q17: What payment methods do you accept for the trader?

We accept a variety of payment methods. For the best possible conversion rate, we suggest paying in crypto (2 ETH or 0.15 BTC), by applying below for a fast reply. Other crypto are also accepted. In limited cases, credit cards can be accepted at a slightly higher conversion rate.

Q18: What sort of results can I expect?

Client results vary. The crypto markets are volatile but the trader is designed to attempt profiting in any direction. This means that even if crypto markets are trending down for the day, the trader is still attempting to profit from the down movement. Fund the trader with capital that you're comfortable with risking.

Q19: What technical analysis does the trader do for me?

The trader constantly analyzes hundreds of technical indicators 24/7 and reads the chart for you in the background. Just about every technical indicator you've ever heard of is being put to optimal use. Let the trader do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time away from the screen.

Q20: What types of orders are available?

Market orders or limit orders at your desired price? The trader settings can be changed and it'll implement these rules into its advanced trading routine. The trader can do scaled, stop-limit, stop-loss, and take-profit orders to protect you. Stealth orders only execute when the price reaches your desired goal.


Q21: What will happen long term?

The trader continues to trade for you in the background for as long as you want. We'll continue to provide free updates to you, as crypto market dynamics change often. Ongoing step by step mentorship is available to you whenever you need it. You'll continue to have access to our engaging Telegram channel.

Q22: What will the ongoing fees be?

The ongoing maintenance fee for the trader is under $50 USD per month. You don't need a large amount of starting capital for the trader to trade. Although after you test the trader with a small amount of funds, you'll probably want to add more to start growing faster.

Q23: Which countries are supported?

We have clients worldwide. As long as you're able to buy crypto in your country, the trader will most likely work. if you're unsure, just contact us to confirm.

Q24: Which direction does the trader trade?

The trader can trade in any direction. This means that even if the crypto market is trending down for the day, the trader is still attempting to profit as much as possible, by trading the downward movement. We believe that this is a great alternative to simply "holding" a crypto and hoping the price only goes up.

Q25: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Message us on Instagram for fast replies. We usually reply within the same day and most times within the hour.



  1. 24/7 TRADER: The advanced crypto trader is fully automated and trades for you 24/7, using smart algorithms.
  2. 250+ INDICATORS: Over 250 technical indicators are used to help the trader make advanced and complex decisions.
  3. ALL DIRECTIONS: Attempts to profit regardless of which direction the crypto markets are trending - up or down.
  4. CRYPTO-ORIENTED: Performs best in the constantly fluctuating and highly volatile crypto markets, while benefitting from appreciation.
  5. CUSTOM STRATEGIES: Choose to use our backtested strategies for the trader or implement your own custom strategies.
  6. DEMO MODE: Practice using the trader with demo funds, without any risk to any of your capital.
  7. EXCHANGE SETUP: We support almost any major crypto exchange and connect securely via their official trading API.
  8. FAST ONBOARDING: Delivery timeframes for the trader are fast; multiple members of our team get you setup.
  9. FREE UPDATES: Crypto market dynamics change all the time so we provide free updates to clients often.
  10. FULLY AUTOMATED: No input is required from you - we perform the ongoing maintenance of the trader for you.
  11. GRID MANAGEMENT: Adjust the price ranges that the trader trades within or let it decide for you.
  12. GROUP EXPERIMENTS: Our community is trying various strategies to grow faster in crypto - you're invited to participate.
  13. MODERN INTERFACE: Manage the trader and all its functions on a modern interface that's easy to use.
  14. MULTI-DEVICE: You'll be able to control everything from any device at anytime: laptop, phone, tablet, etc.
  15. ORDER TYPES: Choose from different order types or let the trader make an automated decision for you.
  16. PREBUILT ECOSYSTEM: Welcome into the entire PREBUILT ecosystem where you'll be able to access everything we offer.
  17. PRIORITY SUPPORT: You and your trader will be assigned a dedicated support member from our in-house team.
  18. SMART ALGORITHMS: By default, the trader will trade based on the smart algorithms that we've researched thoroughly.
  19. TELEGRAM ACCESS: Full access to our Telegram channel where we provide opinions on the evergreen crypto space.
  20. UNLIMITED ORDERS: The trader is programmed to make as many orders as it needs, with no limits.

Best possible conversion rate if paying in crypto.

Alternate payments like credit cards accepted too.

Message us on Instagram for fast replies.