Ecommerce is an interesting online business model. You’re selling products via a website you fully control. Almost anyone with Internet access can be your customer.


We believe that ecommerce (i.e. selling physical or digital products online) is at an inflection point. The majority of the developed world is currently at the tip of the early adoption stage, just beginning to experience shopping online. Many businesses that aren't adapting quickly to ECOM are becoming obsolete.

Using a direct shipping method, most ECOM website owners don’t need to hold inventory or have storage space. They customer pays for the product via their website first, then the product is ordered from the supplier at a lower price. After that, the supplier ships the product to the customer.

Websites can be managed remotely from almost anywhere with Internet access, using a mobile device (e.g. laptop, phone, tablet, etc.). The worthwhile opportunity for someone to start a website and sell products that they’re passionate about, is still widely available today. Guidance from other experienced ECOM enthusiasts is important.


Building a successful website that turns into a globally recognized brand, is no overnight journey, nor way to get-rich-quick. Without seeking proper guidance, beginners can waste a lot of time figuring out how to start an ECOM website properly. This is unhealthy because constant failure can be demotivating.

There are many different factors to consider when building an ECOM website: branding, exiting, hosting, logistics, marketing, media, products, suppliers, testing, themes, updates, and more. You can start to understand why most beginners struggle and give up. It’s quite smart to learn from people that have already experienced your difficulties.

Consider letting us build you an ECOM website and optimize it, before letting you take full ownership. We believe our unique “done for you” approach can save you time, allowing you to scale. This is different from a course, which don’t directly help you build the actual website at all.


Let's help you do the majority of the hard work associated with building, launching, and optimizing a website. Avoid mistakes as much as possible. We have faith that this is the best approach for complete beginners. You get way more than just an ECOM website; there’s many other features included.

We recommend the "DONE FOR YOU" full package at our website; effort made to provide massive value. Features include: 1 ECOM website, mastermind, mentorship, and course. Additional features include: branding, hosting, logistics, marketing, products, suppliers, and themes. No profit sharing. One time fee and it’s also our most popular package.

Other packages which cater to more specific needs, are also available. If you already have an existing ECOM website, then our “BUILD YOURSELF” package is great. If you want our most prestigious offering and wish to have someone run the website with you, see our “RUN WITH YOU” full package.


PRE-BUILT has been diligently building scalable ecommerce websites for 5+ years. It’s very important to be in a comfortable position before buying. We’re proud to have an abundance of resources right here at our official website, to help you make a more informed decision about joining our ECOM family.

Our BLOG has lots of free content to guide you. Most of your questions can be found in our FAQ section, for frequently asked questions. See our client testimonials at REVIEW and learn about our positive impact worldwide. You should also browse our sample screenshots, witnessing our attention to detail.

Have confidence knowing that you’re partnering with an experienced ECOM website builder, that thoroughly understands how to help tackle your competition. We’ve been able to help clients from all over the world. Our mission for this decade is to continue growing our strong PRE-BUILT movement ethically, exponentially, and sustainably.


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