Rewind back just a few years, and it may seem completely unfeasible to run an entire business from the comfort of your mobile device. How can such a complex operation possibly be managed with such simple tools?

The game has changed in the present day and it’s time to adapt. Ecommerce is taking the world by storm and there are an abundance of ways you can start. Nowadays, our powerful mobile devices have become absolute essentials to run most sustainable businesses. Any business that neglects the power of technology can be put at a massive disadvantage when compared to the competition.

We want to work like there’s always someone wanting to take everything away from you; the best time to start your own store is today. Ecom is an amazing online business model, that we specialize in. Let’s start by defining the digital nomad lifestyle thoroughly.


You’ll no longer be told to drive halfway across the city to get to work. Your laptop, tablet, or phone is your workplace. Initiate total control over how you run things with your ecom business. No one gets to tell you what to do - you make the executive decisions.

Your choices turn into actions, which lead to results. Decentralize as many parts of your life as possible, to add stability. If you have to rely on one employer to provide you with income, life can become very difficult when times get hard.

Prepare for this situation and always assume the worst, by diversifying to other business models and industries rather than just relying on a single source. Seek help when starting your ecom business, to save as much valuable time as possible.


One of the many perks associated with running an ecom business, is that you’re completely location independent. Everything can be run from your mobile device, so you’re never forced to be tied down to any particular location in the world.

This provides you with the freedom to travel to various different places throughout the year. If you’re on a long flight across the ocean, simply take out your mobile devices and get to work. Waiting in line at the amusement park? Your phone becomes your command center.

The world can become your playground when you finally make the decision to jump into ecom business; you’ll be able to do more and be more.


If everything can be managed from your mobile device, you’ll be able to choose your own hours. When you feel like working, just take out your mobile devices.

When you feel like relaxing, simply take a break. You’ll likely not need to follow a set schedule - you create whatever schedule you feel comfortable with. Most people work from 9AM to 5PM.

You’ll most likely be working from “open eyes” to “close eyes” but we genuinely believe that every entrepreneur will eventually find happiness with their new digital nomad lifestyle.


Without being restricted by location or time constraints - you’re most likely able to be more productive. You can technically work on your ecom business from your mobile device 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This convenience allows you to be extremely productive and get a lot of things done without having to spend too much energy moving around.

Anyone can literally call someone from the other side of the world, download courses, message a customer, and create marketing material - all at once! You probably won't find this level of productivity anywhere else besides the digital nomad lifestyle.

Realizing that you can work on multiple big projects all at once, without having to be in a hundred different places - is a truly powerful epiphany. You know how you can be even more productive? Seek support.


With your digital nomad lifestyle as your flexible command centers, you’ll be connected to the world within seconds at your desire.

Want to speak to an Indonesian customer but aren’t familiar with the Indonesian language? Simply use an online translator. With an incredible number of tools at your disposal, your ecom business can do well on so many levels. This changes the whole playing field.

Need help for a particular project? Simply find support online to guide you step by step as much as possible.


Seeking help can potentially save you a lot of time. This is valuable advice for every entrepreneur out there. Time is essentially currency and is extremely limited.

If you waste too much time on small problems that other people have already figured out, you’ll likely find it very difficult to take your ecom business to the next level. If you’re having trouble setting up a Shopify store, we’d love to assist you on your entrepreneurship journey.

Simply start HERE where you’ll be able to see how we can help you save lots of time.