What we aim to achieve.


PRE-BUILT is a revolutionary movement designed to help entrepreneurs around the world, elevate towards their greatest potential, in a sustainable manner. We aim to positively impact as many lives as possible. Doing our best to provide massive value, within the realm of eCommerce, is our biggest passion and vision.

We believe that it’s the perfect time for people to start acquiring their own eCom stores. Starting from scratch without prior experience can cause headaches. Our “done for you” approach is to build the store for you and let you take full ownership; potentially helping you save time and energy.

Ongoing mentorship, step by step course, and many other features are all included under one package - everything you need, one time fee. We trust that our approach is more effective than a basic “do it yourself” course. You should first understand why eCom as a business model is worth considering.


Our opinion is that eCom (i.e. buying and selling of physical or digital products online) is at an inflection point. The majority of society is currently at the tip of the early adoption stage. There are many different factors helping to drive this momentum including: flexibility, scalability, and sustainability.

When compared and contrasted to physical retail, eCom shines brightly, currently representing about 10% of global retail sales. This percentage is likely going to continue increasing over the next decade. Factors like easy barriers to entry, global customer base, and low running costs mean that rapid organic growth is possible.

Stores can be managed remotely from almost anywhere with Internet access, using a mobile device (e.g. laptop, phone, tablet, etc.). The worthwhile opportunity for someone to start a store and sell products that they’re passionate about, is still widely available today. Guidance from other experienced eCom enthusiasts is important.


Based in Indonesia, our founder Stefan Karl started his first eCom store in college. After making a sale from selling phone cases, Stefan realized the abundance of entrepreneurial opportunities online. The time it took to receive subsequent sales decreased, as Stefan was able to identify characteristics of a converting store.

Over time, Stefan realized that selling phone cases wasn’t a true long term passion. Instead, Stefan decided to focus the bulk of energy on managing stores by selling more lucrative products. Being able to manage eCom stores anywhere, provides Stefan with the freedom of mobility and more time for hobbies.

With the exception of helping some close friends, Stefan didn’t help anyone setup their stores over the years. Until recently - when Stefan decided to contribute. After an abundance of time spent in the eCom game alone, Stefan launched PRE-BUILT's signature eCom products and opened the doors to the public.


If you want to avoid headaches, saving time and energy where possible - allow us to build you a store and do the heavy lifting. We have faith that this is the best approach for complete beginners. You get way more than just an eCom store; there’s many other features included.

You’ll get 12 months of mentorship; ask us as many questions as you want about eCom. Also included is our 100,000+ words course. Additionally: branding integration, desktop/mobile fluency, exit planning, experimental strategies, free updates, logistics setup, management mastery, marketing guidance, premium theme, suppliers directory, Telegram access, and winning products.

Be our guest and feel free to review our blogs, FAQs, sample stores, testimonials, and more at our website HERE - ensure that you do your due diligence before joining. If you have any further questions, simply CONTACT US for a fast reply. You’re welcome to join our eCom family anytime.


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Earnings & income representations made by PRE-BUILT are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. The success portrayed by examples are non-typical results & aren’t a guarantee that you will achieve the same results; individual results will always vary based on many factors. All sales are final with no refunds.

If you have questions, you may email our customer support team: contact@pre-built.com to get a reply as soon as possible. You agree to give us the benefit of the doubt to rectify any situation. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding; we welcome you indiscriminately to our family.